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Project Description
This solution package will add more functionality to your farm solutions management. This is an addition to the already existing solution management that SharePoint 2010 offers, so that everything can be done in the browser..

This means that there is no more need to do a remote desktop session to the sharepoint 2010 farm work with solutions.

The following category will be added to your system settings page: Solutions.

The upload page looks like this:

Deploy settings include:
  • None: Do nothing but add the solution to the solution store.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade the existing solution with the uploaded one.
  • Quick Deploy: Deploy the solution after upload.

After uploading you can continue to manage your farm solutions with the built-in webpage from SharePoint 2010 "Manage farm solutions".

The download page looks like this:

Here you can select the preferred packages, which will be added in a zip and offered for download.

The dispose page looks like the same, but will give you a report about which solutions don't dispose correctly.

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